Above is a piece created for Fiona Nova (Host, Producer,  Director) on International Women's Day as a sign of appreciation for all her work and accomplishments. It's inspired by the iconic 'We Can Do It" WW2 poster created by J. Howard Miller in the 1943.

Above is a piece created for Kdin Jenzen (Voice Actor, Producer, Creator) who hosts a bi-weekly podcast - Model Employees - produced by Rooster Teeth. The piece is styled to mimic assembly kits and tools primarily used in model creation.

Above is an icon created for Angel_Girl (Streamer). It's meant to be used for Twitch's custom emotes and other applications. The raccoon is this streamer's favorite animal and the halo carries the 'angel' theme. 

Above is an illustration of a stylized Red Panda that includes use of negative space. 

Donkey Muscles is a recurring joke from the FaceJam Podcast produced by Rooster Teeth. The design guidelines were very, very vague but I'm proud of the final look. 

Above is my personal icon associated with my Twitch streaming brand. I've included different variations, including the seasonal versions. 

Christmas 2020 Icon variation. 

Halloween 2020 Icon variation.

Above is a concept for a eSports league focusing exclusively in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout videogame. The design is inspired by characters in the game, as well as the color scheme. 

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