The Tressym King is a tavern/bar logo inspired by an iconic Dungeons & Dragons creature with fantasy-themed elements. 

Pawcakes is a dog treat brand that included the owner's Golden Retriever in the design. 

Chef's Sliders is a food truck brand specializing in chef inspired slider burgers.

Familiar Voices is a web series exploring the talents, history and iconic roles of voice actors.

Tagger is an independently published zine highlighting local graffiti artists, spray paint artwork and stories from artists.

Stupid Cupid is a conceptual web comic aimed at a romantic-comedy and modern fantasy audience. 

Patch Work is an eco-friendly brand that recycles cloth and fabric to be reused.

Eating Genius is a monthly magazine that focuses on culinary science and molecular gastronomy.

Golden Goose Studios is a financial investment business dedicated to informing beginning investors and study investing trends.

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